Zatar Semsem 500gm

Zatar Semsem 500gm

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Zatar Semsem 500gm

Sesame thyme 500g

 Product Description: 

  • Welcome, our valued customers, to our website, which is distinguished by providing the best new and natural products with useful spices and seasonings. 

  • We offer you thyme sesame 500g as it has many amazing health benefits in addition to its delicious taste.

  • It contains a distinct group of spices, including wild thyme leaves, sesame, sumac, salt and lemon salt, as no Arab kitchen is free of it because it is used in many foods and pastries. 

  • Therefore, we strive through our website to provide the best guaranteed products to satisfy the customer at the most appropriate prices.

Product Features: 

  • He produced a mixture of thyme and sesame, one of the finest natural and safe spices for human health. 

  • Sumac, which is included in ground thyme, is one of the beneficial herbs for your health, as it is rich in natural antioxidants. 

  • The presence of a very large amount of important minerals in sesame made it a high place in promoting bone health. 

  • It has been proven that ground thyme really contributes to enhancing cognitive abilities such as memory, due to its richness in nutrients essential for brain functioning. 

  • It is best kept in the refrigerator, as this makes it look fresh when mixed with other foods. 

  • Make sure we check the quality of our products periodically at the laboratories of the Al-Jouf region. 

  • We have on our site an integrated work team specialized in answering your inquiries and delivering your requests in the fastest time, anywhere and to all Gulf countries. 

  • Our site is characterized by always offering the best prices, as we are different from others.

Wild thyme leaves, sesame, sumac, salt, lemon salt

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