Natural Papper Paste 500g

Natural Papper Paste 500g

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Natural Papper Paste 500g    

Hot sauce 500g

 Product Description: 

  • Our distinguished website is pleased and welcomes to present the best new and wonderful products and to provide what you need for food, appetizers and spices.

  •  We offer you 500g chili paste, which is used in many recipes for cooking and also for ready-made foods. 

  • It is indispensable in preparing food. 

  • Hot pepper paste is made from hot peppers mixed with extra virgin olive oil, as it has been shown to help achieve rich health benefits for the human body.

  • It also contains a huge amount of vitamins and fights many diseases and also prevents them. 

  • Therefore, we strive through our website to provide the best guaranteed products to satisfy the customer at the most appropriate prices. 

Product Features:- 

  • Al-Amash chili paste was produced from natural farms, safe for human health, and free from any artificial materials or preservatives. 

  • It has been tested by nutritionists and health experts to ensure its effectiveness without any harm. 

  • Hot pepper contains many nutrients necessary for the health of the circulatory system, including vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, potassium and a lot of mineral salts. 

  • Hot pepper helps to get rid of excess weight, maintain a fit body and burn fat. 

  • It helps to increase the efficiency of the immune system because it contains natural antioxidants. 

  • The chili paste has a wonderful taste and gives a distinctive flavor to food. Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate after opening. 

  • Make sure we check the quality of our products periodically at the laboratories of the Al-Jouf region. 

  • We have on our site an integrated work team specialized in answering your inquiries and delivering your requests in the fastest time, anywhere and to all Gulf countries. 

  • Our site is characterized by always offering the best prices, as we are different from others.

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