Olive Oil 2kg

Olive Oil 2kg

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Olive Oil 2kg    

Product Description: 

Hello and welcome to our valued customers, we present to you once again our website with many new products and nature beneficial to human health, as it offers you the finest and best types of olive oil 2kgl, the original extra virgin, as it is an excellent natural precipitate and filter, its first cold pressing, the acidity percentage is less than 1% 100% natural filtration and sedimentation. It is recommended by many nutrition and health experts to take it on a daily basis to take advantage of its wonderful nutritional benefits to give the body vitamins and healthy minerals, so our site strives to provide the best guaranteed products. Therefore, we strive through our website to provide the best products that are guaranteed to satisfy the customer and achieve success and the most appropriate prices always.

Product Features:

  • Al-Amash olive oil was produced from natural farms, safe for human health, and free of any artificial materials. 

  • It has been tested by nutritionists and health experts to ensure its effectiveness without any harm.

  •  You can eat it at any time with many foods to benefit from its nutritional benefits within the daily requirement.

  •  Do not hesitate to purchase our products because we make sure to check the quality of our products periodically.

  •  This product contains 20 bottles of olive oil. Beneficial for the body, skin and hair. It helps cure many diseases.

  • It helps protect blood cells from oxidation, helps fight osteoporosis, and reduces digestive disorders, constipation and indigestion.

  •  Our dear customer, you should follow our website to learn more about new products and the nature that is beneficial to your health. 

  • We have on our site an integrated work team specializing in answering your inquiries and delivering your requests at the fastest time and anywhere. 

  • Our site is characterized by always offering the best prices, as we are different from others.

Extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed, acidity less than 1%, filtering and 100% natural sedimentation


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ممتاز بكل معنى الكلمة و فريد بالطعم و النكهة

مراد الشهري

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زيت زيتون ممتاز يضاهي الايطالي

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